As a studio musician and producer, Stephan has worked in studios in Nashville, London, Glasgow and Milan, among other locations. He also works as a songwriter, composer and arranger in all kinds of music genres,  such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Prog-Rock, Sound Branding, Sound Design, music for movies and commercials ...


Stephan's studio is located in Abensberg (Bavaria) and mainly used for professional drum recordings on  high end drum equipment. From the first note to the final mix, it also offers everything you need for an album production, band tracking, vocal overdubs and sound design.


Software and Equipment:

Pro Tools 12, Logic Studio

MOTU Audio Interfaces,  Universal Preamps, FMR-Audio channel strips and compressors, Neumann Mics, AKG-Mics, Audix-Mics, Apple Mac Computers.

DS drums, Turkish Cymbals, Yamaha keyboards and Novation Synths, Fender Guitars and Basses, Fender Amps, various pedals, keyboards, drums and percussion instruments and a huge variety of digital instruments and plug-ins.

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In 2011 Stephan founded his own record label "Magic Mango Music" together with Christian Georg and Thomas Huffschmid.

The label released different album and single productions of upcoming bands, solo artists, soundtracks and audio dramas.


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